GMW play Depeche Mode and DM Party – CORK SOBOTA, 1 PAŹDZIERNIKA 2022 O 21:00

7 July 2022 07:01 - 1 October 2022 22:00 Reardens Bar
Location: Reardens Bar – THE HIDDEN ATTIC
“Personal Jesus”, “Enjoy the silence”, “Walking in my shoes” and many other songs from the legendary band at the only concert in Cork.
GMW play Depeche Mode are three musicians who make a sensation in Poland with the style in which they perform the songs of the British star.
During their concerts, they play the sounds of synthesizers from the 80’s and perform songs according to original arrangements. They reach for cult DM albums, such as “Music for the Masses”, “Violator”, “Songs of Faith and Devotion”. Within a few months of quarantine, they recorded all the songs from “Violator” and recorded their own “home” music video for each of them. The unique concept was noticed by fans from Oława near Wrocław, who over time supported the band in the production of clips. This unusual musical idea was noticed by the media during the pandemic, which resulted in radio and television interviews as well as press articles. Their fanpage is constantly growing, and the musicians are planning more actions. GMW is probably the only band in Poland currently professionally performing Depeche Mode’s repertoire according to classic arrangements. GMW is open to ideas of collaboration with other musicians and Depeche Mode fans from all over the world.
Poles do not imitate DM’s stage movements, but focus on music.
The trio shot music videos for all songs from the Violator album by themselves and with the help of DM fans from Oława. All to watch on YouTube:…/UCwO-0w1Ur-lZYByOISolsEg/videos
GMW – Gołębski / Maszyński / Wełyczko play Depeche Mode
Paweł Gołębski – singer, journalist and presenter.
Waldemar Maszyński – keyboard player, arranger and producer (known for his cooperation with Chillove and Mesajah).
Marcin Wełyczka – guitarist.
The only coverband in Poland with the repertoire of Depeche Mode. GMW was founded in 2019 in connection with the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Violator album and the 40th anniversary of the Depeche Mode band.
Door open 8:30PM
Tickets online: €20
At the door: €27
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